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Takeru's Gruesome Leg Tells the Tale of Superlek Showdown in ONE Championship

Superlek defeated Takeru
Takeru vs. Superlek Showdown in ONE Championship

In the aftermath of a brutal five-round battle against ONE Championship bantamweight titleholder Superlek, Japanese kickboxing sensation Takeru shared a shocking glimpse of the toll the fight took on his left leg. The image, posted on social media, paints a vivid picture of the aftermath of Superlek's relentless leg kicks.

Takeru faced Superlek in the headlining bout of ONE Championship's recent event in Tokyo, where the impact of Superlek's vicious kicks left a lasting mark on Takeru's leg. The discolored flesh in the shared image hints at the intensity of the battle, resembling the aftermath of being repeatedly struck by a meat tenderizer.

While it remains unclear if Takeru sustained any significant injuries beyond the visible bruising, the superficial damage on his leg reflects the challenges he endured during the 25-minute clash with "The Kicking Machine," Superlek.

Throughout the bout, Takeru displayed flashes of offensive prowess, attempting to overcome the technical precision of Superlek's kicks. Despite his efforts, Superlek's expertise ultimately proved too much for Takeru. Notably, this marked Takeru's first appearance in the ONE Championship, transitioning from his illustrious career as a K-1 superstar with titles in three weight classes.

For Superlek, the victory represented a successful title defense, showcasing his dominance in both ONE's kickboxing and Muay Thai divisions. The battle between Takeru and Superlek stands as a testament to the unforgiving nature of elite-level kickboxing.


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