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The 5 Safety Advantages of Bare Knuckle Boxing over Gloved Boxing.

The Safety Advantages of Bare Knuckle Boxing over Glove Boxing Introduction: Combat sports have evolved over time, with various disciplines and rule sets emerging to ensure the safety and well-being of participants. In recent years, bare knuckle boxing has gained attention as an alternative to traditional glove boxing. Contrary to popular belief, bare knuckle boxing offers several safety advantages over its gloved counterpart. This essay aims to explore the reasons why bare knuckle boxing can be considered a safer option compared to glove boxing.

-1. Reduced Impact Trauma: One of the primary arguments in favor of bare knuckle boxing is that it reduces the potential for long-term brain injuries. The use of gloves in conventional boxing increases the force of impact, allowing fighters to throw harder punches without injuring their hands. However, this also means that the recipient absorbs a greater amount of force, which can lead to more severe head trauma. Bare knuckle boxing, on the other hand, encourages fighters to throw fewer power punches, reducing the likelihood of debilitating concussions and other serious head injuries.

-2. Increased Hand and Wrist Safety: Gloves provide a false sense of security by cushioning the hands and wrists, which can lead to more reckless punching techniques. This can result in boxers throwing punches with improper form, increasing the risk of hand and wrist injuries such as fractures and sprains. In bare knuckle boxing, fighters are more inclined to utilize correct punching techniques, as the risk of injury to their hands is higher. Consequently, this promotes better hand and wrist safety overall.

-3. Enhanced Defensive Skills: Bare knuckle boxing encourages fighters to focus on defense due to the increased vulnerability of their hands. Without the padding of gloves, boxers are more likely to prioritize blocking, evading, and using head movement to avoid punches. As a result, bare knuckle boxers develop superior defensive skills, which can lead to a decrease in the number of overall punches landed during a match. This decrease in strikes can contribute to a reduced risk of head injuries and other associated health concerns.

-4. Shorter Fights: Bare knuckle boxing bouts are often shorter in duration compared to glove boxing matches. The intensified impact of bare knuckle strikes prompts fighters to stay more cautious and controlled. As a result, the frequency of hard-hitting exchanges decreases, preventing prolonged exposure to high-risk situations. This shorter fight duration helps to minimize the accumulation of damage and reduces the likelihood of severe injuries caused by fatigue or extended periods of sustained punishment.

-5. Improved Regulation and Medical attention due to the cuts and injuries that can be sustained in combat. After every fight there is a mandatory rest period to heal un like in other combat sports where if they dont know you were cut and dont look bad they allow you to fight.


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