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Tyron Woodley Names McGregor's Possible YouTube Boxer Opponent

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley has entered the ring of opinions on Conor McGregor's recent shift in attitude towards fighting YouTubers. McGregor, long dismissive of YouTubers-turned-boxers like Jake Paul, surprised many by expressing interest in facing them, specifically mentioning KSI as a potential opponent.

Tyron Woodley

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Woodley discussed McGregor's newfound openness to fighting YouTubers with TMZ Sports founder Evan Rosenblum. Woodley emphasized that any such fight would require approval from UFC CEO Dana White.

"The fight can't even happen, it can't happen unless Daddy Dana approves it," Woodley explained. "And I can't see Daddy Dana approving KSI or Jake for the simple fact he doesn't want them to look like they're on his level."

Woodley suggested that Logan Paul, another YouTuber who has boxed and has a positive relationship with UFC, might be a more feasible opponent for McGregor. Unlike KSI, Paul is not heavily involved in his own promotion, which could make negotiations smoother.

"The Logan Paul situation is different," Woodley noted. "Logan technically has a Maverick promotion that he really doesn't utilize a lot, right? And he is a sponsor of the UFC, Prime drink."

Rosenblum added that Logan Paul currently works for WWE, which, like the UFC, is under the TKO umbrella, potentially making a crossover fight between McGregor and Paul more plausible than one with KSI.


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