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Joe Diesel Riggs Calls Out UFC And Nick Diaz

Dana White is the real ultimate matchmaker at the UFC, no doubt about it. If DW decides

Dana wants a bout to happen his say is final, and he gets the rematches he believes will

bankroll the company.

Joe Diesel Riggs vs Nick Diaz will always be remembered as an unfinished EPIC WAR! Although

the Diaz brothers lost in the octagon; they exacted revenge at the hospital. Both Nick Diaz and his little brother who at the time seemed inseparable, they jumped Riggs at the hospital.

With the Second War looming between the two it was obvious to all there was a rivalry that would become second to none in all combat sports. We even figured Dana White would seize the opportunity for NATE DIAZ to revenge his brothers loss.

Riggs vs DIAZ II - literally happened at the hospital where both brothers Diaz realized the only way to defeat Riggs was to "JUMP HIS ASS" like they do in Stockton, California. They tried and were, well they were unsuccessful. In fact, Dana White hid Nate Diaz from RIGGS for over a decade. Anytime

Joe Diesel Riggs offered to fight the "BROTHERS DIAZ" Uncle Dana made damn sure it did not happen.

It is a good thing because that RISING STAR, he saw in NATE DIAZ would have been a FALLEN STAR as fast as it was shooting to the top.

Give the fans what they want and the Diaz Brothers their shot at redemption. Nick Diaz was really down and out as seen recently "HIGH AS FUCK" at a Las Vegas Strip store where a man that seemingly baited Nick into a video for a free meal. ODD ODDD ODD.

So DANA WHITE if you want to take care of the "FIGHTER" as you say and see them retire in style, LET DIAZ GET THAT REDEMPTION OR THE REAL ASS BEATING AWAITING EITHER BROTHER DIAZ.

Joe Diesel Riggs has offered to do this anytime, anyplace and anywhere! All they are lacking is making MICK MAYNARD ink that contract.

FIGHT.TV has spoken to the DIAZ Camp As Well As Joe Diesel Riggs and they are both ENTHUSTIAC



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