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Uncle Dana @ Jake Paul Show?

Look Like Dana White Was In The Crowd In Orlando For Jake Paul Exhibition
Dana White @ Jake Paul ?

When you look at a glance and see the fans and fanatics who went to support Jake Paul's circus. Sure looks like Dana White in the crowd taking a video and supporting the walkout.

Wait Wait Wait a moment remember in the works of combat sports the copycats and nut huggers have a habbit of trying to look like the boss. A shoutout to Headbald.... for helping the posers look more like the man or Bas Rutten.

It is funny to see how the same effect with an odd stranger in New Orleans that was a LOGAN PAUL or JAKE PAUL lookalike or nut hugger. So in this day of wanna be or copycats it may just be another fan.

Jake Paul was a fan that took the YouTube approach to cashing in off of followers in the "ME GENERATION". Now he has made his cult followers pay dearly for lopsided fights proving that Vince McMahon and Dana White are not the only scripted show to move the needle.

We @FIGHT.TV still think it is hilarious how Jake can know so much history about both promotions (because as a kid he was a fanboy). However when the name of fighting real competition in his weight class and more of a formidable foe, he gets amnesia or is it CTE.

Either Way JOE DIESEL RIGGS is still awaiting the reply to both the MVP jokers and the brothers NATE DIAZ and NICK DIAZ about having a Epic Battle the FANS WANT AND DESERVE! Answer the Callout you scared ask chicken shits.

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