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Colby Covington's Bold Claim After UFC Loss: 'I'm Still the Best Welterweight in the World!

Colby Covington, despite his loss to Leon Edwards for the UFC welterweight title at UFC 296, remains steadfast in his belief that he is the best welterweight in the world. Covington suffered a decision loss to Edwards in a fight where he broke his foot in the first round. Despite this setback, he remains confident in his ability to secure another shot at the undisputed title, asserting himself as the top welterweight in the division.

Colby Covington

"I am the title of this division, I'm the welterweight savior. I'm the biggest draw in this division, there is a reason everyone calls my name. Fights are easy to get and dunk on these nerds. I'm King of Miami, I'm America's champ, the people's champ, Donald Trump's favorite fighter," Covington stated in an interview with Submission Radio.

Covington expressed his determination to reclaim the title, emphasizing his willingness to face any opponent deemed necessary by the UFC to earn another title shot. Despite the judges' decision in his last fight, Covington remains unwavering in his belief in his abilities, stating,

"I know I'm the welterweight champion, I know I'm the best welterweight on Earth, just because three judges didn't decide it for me that night, that is not going to affect my future and how I train and my preparation every day."

He emphasized his commitment to his career, describing himself as a blue-collar American who is fully invested in his training and preparation. Covington reiterated his determination to regain the welterweight title, expressing his willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal.

Despite his confidence, Covington is aware that he will likely need to string together multiple wins to earn another shot at the title, especially after his lackluster performance against Edwards. With a professional record of 17-4, Covington is coming off a decision loss to Edwards, preceded by a win over Jorge Masvidal and a loss to Kamaru Usman in his second title shot.


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