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Derrick Lewis Makes Headlines with Spectacular Knockout and Post-Fight Shenanigans at UFC St. Louis

Derrick Lewis returns to winning column
Derrick Lewis

In a dazzling display of power and showmanship, Derrick Lewis stole the spotlight at UFC St. Louis with a thunderous knockout victory over Rodrigo Nascimento. The event, held on Saturday night, witnessed Lewis delivering a jaw-dropping performance that left the crowd in awe and laughter.

The fight started with a back-and-forth exchange, with Nascimento showing resilience against Lewis's early onslaught. However, it was Lewis's monstrous right hand in the third round that changed the course of the bout. The punch landed with devastating precision, sending Nascimento crashing to the canvas and prompting the referee to intervene for Nascimento's safety.

Lewis's post-fight theatrics were equally attention-grabbing. Moments after the knockout, he displayed a blend of sportsmanship and humor by using his shorts to fan Nascimento and then proceeding to moon the delighted St. Louis crowd. With a grin on his face, Lewis quipped, 

“I appreciate St. Louis for letting me show my naked ass tonight," adding a touch of levity to his victory celebration.

Reflecting on the fight, Lewis expressed determination not to be defeated by a relatively unknown opponent, stating, 

“I couldn’t let no taxi cab driver from Brazil beat me. This is my first time ever hearing of that guy. Ain’t no way I could let someone like that beat me.”

The fight itself showcased Lewis's ability to control the pace and unleash his trademark power punches. Despite Nascimento's efforts, Lewis's relentless pressure and heavy strikes proved too much to handle. The third-round knockout was a testament to Lewis's skill and dominance in the octagon.

Lewis's victory marks a return to form after a challenging previous bout, where he spent considerable time under his opponent. With this win, Lewis reaffirms his position as a force to be reckoned with in the UFC heavyweight division.

Looking ahead, Lewis hinted at a possible break, joking about his age but also asserting his prime status in the sport. 

“I’m going to sit my Black ass down for a second. I’m getting too old for this shit,” he quipped, highlighting the physical demands of professional fighting.


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