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Joshua Pacio's Quest for Redemption: The Unfinished Business with Jarred Brooks

Joshua Pacio looks for redemption
Joshua Pacio

In the world of mixed martial arts, rivalries often define legacies, and for Joshua Pacio, the desire to settle his "unfinished business" with Jarred Brooks is a burning motivation that drives him forward.

Their paths collided once again at ONE 166: Qatar, reigniting a rivalry that has captured the attention of fans globally. However, the rematch left a bitter taste of controversy as Brooks executed an illegal slam, leading to Pacio hitting the canvas headfirst.

Under ONE Championship's rules, such maneuvers are strictly prohibited, resulting in Brooks forfeiting the belt in favor of Pacio. Despite the contentious nature of their recent bout, the two rivals have since reconciled their differences and look forward to a rubber match.

"The Passion" expressed his eagerness for a third showdown, stating, "It's really just Jarred. For me, it's unfinished business. I want the trilogy to be this year. I'm hoping it would be in the Philippines."

However, Pacio is prioritizing his health before making concrete plans. He is set to undergo further medical assessments to evaluate his physical condition.

Reflecting on the events at Lusail Sports Arena, Pacio acknowledged the bittersweet nature of his victory, emphasizing the quality of his training and expressing disappointment over the controversial ending.

In addition, Pacio showed empathy for Brooks, recognizing the challenges athletes face beyond the ring. 

"Not everyone sees the struggle. Everyone just sees that I won due to disqualification. Only athletes know the struggles of athletes," he remarked.

As Pacio prepares for potential redemption and closure in his rivalry with Brooks, the MMA world eagerly awaits the announcement of their third encounter, which promises to be a spectacle of skill, determination, and the pursuit of resolution.


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