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Muhammad Mokaev Eyes Championship Gold After UFC Fight Night 238 Victory

Muhammad Mokaev wants gold next
Muhammad Mokaev

In a grueling battle at UFC Fight Night 238, Muhammad Mokaev showcased his determination and skill, grinding out a hard-fought win over veteran Alex Perez and immediately setting his sights on a title shot.

Mokaev's victory wasn't easy, as he had to overcome the savvy defense of Perez, relying on his wrestling prowess to secure crucial takedowns throughout the fight. Despite facing adversity, Mokaev's relentless pursuit of victory paid off as he claimed a unanimous decision victory with scores of 29-28 across the board, bringing his UFC record to an impressive 6-0.

Reflecting on his performance, Mokaev revealed, 

"To be honest, I was very sick this morning. But I have the best team in the world. Hey, 6-0 in the UFC, four finishes. Listen, 10 weeks from today [at UFC 301], I’m ready to fight for the belt."

Throughout the bout, Mokaev displayed a diverse skill set, initially attempting to showcase his striking before turning to his grappling expertise to control the fight. Despite Perez's resilience, Mokaev's relentless pressure ultimately proved too much to handle.

While Mokaev's victory puts him in contention for a shot at the flyweight championship, his performance may have left some questions regarding his readiness for such a challenge. However, with his impressive UFC record and unwavering determination, Mokaev is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the division.

As the UFC looks ahead to UFC 301 in Brazil in May, Mokaev's call for a title shot adds an intriguing element to the flyweight landscape, leaving fans eager to see if he will get the opportunity to compete for championship gold.


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