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Neil Magny Drops Bombshell About UFC's Secret Agenda at UFC 297!

UFC welterweight contender Neil Magny has raised eyebrows with his recent comments, suggesting that the UFC had a vested interest in seeing him lose to Mike Malott at UFC 297.

Neil Magny

The highly anticipated showdown between Magny and Malott, which took place earlier this month in Canada, initially seemed to be going in Malott's favor. However, a dramatic turn of events in the final round saw Magny rally and secure a late finish against his opponent, shocking many observers with the unexpected outcome.

Following the fight, Magny didn't hold back in a recent interview on The MMA Hour, expressing his belief that the UFC had strategic reasons for wanting Malott to emerge victorious.

"It’s very evident what’s happening here," Magny stated. "I’m fighting a guy who’s undefeated in the UFC, he’s a young up-and-comer, fighting in his backyard. It’s absolutely an opportunity for him to break into the rankings by beating me, and I welcome that kind of adversity with open arms."

Despite the perceived bias, Magny remains undeterred, emphasizing the need to continue facing tough opponents to secure his position in the rankings.

"At the end of the day, that’s just the way that the cards lay, so to speak," Magny explained. "My last fight, I came up short. For me to get an opportunity to fight someone ranked in the top 10, top five, whatever else it may be, I have to go out there and get another win.
Just beating an average Joe wouldn’t really make that big of a statement. I have to go and face some of these up-and-comers that are looking to break into the rankings, so to speak, and I have to do it in very impressive fashion."

With this bold statement, Magny has made it clear that he's ready to face whatever challenges come his way as he continues his quest for championship contention in the UFC welterweight division.


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