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Terence Crawford calls Teofimo Lopez 'A P*ssy'!

Terence Crawford, having dominated the welterweight division with every major world title at 147 pounds under his belt, finds himself the target of Teofimo Lopez's ambitions. While enjoying his downtime, Crawford couldn't ignore Lopez's bold claims.

Lopez, the current WBO and Ring Magazine champion at 140 pounds, didn't just call out Crawford; he disparaged his entire welterweight career, branding it as a facade built on defeating past-their-prime opponents. Crawford, no stranger to controversy, fired back at Lopez, questioning his focus on their potential matchup when he has imminent challenges in his own weight class.

In a fiery social media post, Crawford dismissed Lopez's taunts, urging him to concentrate on his upcoming fight with Jamaine Ortiz, scheduled for February 8th.

“Teofimo Lopez, your little b!tch ass better worry about them little guys that’s on yo ass down there in yo weight class,” wrote Crawford on his social media account. “It’s crazy. Every time I see yo hoe ass, you don’t even look my way, but when you in front of a camera, you got so much to say. You a p-ssy.”

Despite the heated exchange, Crawford emphasized that his priority is not to be a distraction and maintained his focus on his opponents inside the ring.

Known for his dominance in the ring, Crawford's response to Lopez's verbal jabs reflects his dedication to his craft. While banter between fighters can be entertaining, Crawford reminded Lopez to remain focused on his immediate challenges before turning his attention to potential future opponents.


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