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Stamp Fairtex and Denice Zamboanga: Balancing Friendship and Championship Ambitions at ONE 167

Stamp Fairtex and Denice Zamboanga wont be friends inside the cage
Stamp Fairtex and Denice Zamboanga

In the realm of combat sports, the intersection of friendship and championship aspirations can create a compelling narrative, and such is the case for Stamp Fairtex and Denice Zamboanga at ONE 167.

Scheduled to headline the event in a battle for the ONE Women’s Atomweight MMA World Title, Stamp Fairtex faces the challenge of setting aside her friendship with Zamboanga in pursuit of victory.

The June 7 event, set to happen in the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand, marks a pivotal moment in their relationship as fighters and friends.

Stamp and Zamboanga share a history rooted in camaraderie, having trained together at the Fairtex Training Center in Pattaya, Thailand. Over time, their bond strengthened beyond the confines of the gym, evolving into a genuine friendship.

However, the demands of competition require them to temporarily set aside their connection and focus on their respective goals within the cage.

In an interview with The MMA Superfan, Stamp expressed the necessity of prioritizing her championship defense over sentimental attachments. “I just have to put the friendship behind me, and I don’t feel anything in particular because we are both professionals and we just have to do our job the best we can,” she stated.

Acknowledging Zamboanga's ambition to claim the title, Stamp remains resolute in her commitment to defending her belt. “Denice wants my belt, and I want to defend it, so I just have to continue doing my job of defending my belt,” she affirmed.

As the fight approaches, Stamp embraces the competitive spirit while retaining a hopeful vision of rekindling their friendship post-bout. “After the fight, we have to go shabu-shabu together,” she remarked, signifying her desire for a joyous reunion regardless of the outcome in the cage.

Navigating the intricacies of facing a friend-turned-foe, Stamp acknowledges the challenges posed by their shared history. “I feel like it’s a bit difficult because I feel like I know her, but I also consider that she has changed and improved a lot over the past few years,” Stamp reflected.

Preparing for Zamboanga requires a nuanced approach, understanding that familiarity can be both an advantage and a potential pitfall. “So I feel like I just have to be careful in terms of, like, you know, thinking that I know her, but her style, I think, has changed,” Stamp added, highlighting the need for thorough preparation and strategic adaptation.

As fans anticipate the clash between Stamp Fairtex and Denice Zamboanga, the dynamic of friendship intertwined with professional competition adds an intriguing layer to the upcoming championship showdown.


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